About Julius Steuer…

Julius has been a Mopar enthusiast since his father’s first, new 1967 Plymouth Belvedere. He has worked in the automotive industry for more than forty years, owning his own business in automotive repair for the majority of that time. Specializing in ground up restorations on performance Mopars, he is one of a very few also performing repairs and maintenance. His work has earned him an excellent reputation and a display case full of trophies for not only himself, but also for his many satisfied clients. He consults with Mopar enthusiasts both here in the United States and internationally. He and his work have been featured in many magazine articles all over the world.

Along with the car club, Chrysler Performance West, Julius has played an integral part in producing the largest and most successful Mopar show in the west for the last thirty-two years. He also singularly produced the 1996 Pacific Nationals in Las Vegas, the precursor to Mopars at the Strip.

He is an automotive consultant to the film industry, locating, preparing and/or building cars for movies and television. Some of his credits include; Terminal Velocity, Natural Born Killers, Hollywood’s Love Affair with Cars, Viper, Vanishing Point, Nash Bridges, the remake of Dukes of Hazard, Chop, Cut and Rebuild, Fast and Furious 7, NCIS and his own personal Dodge Daytona in a Dodge Daytona truck commercial. His Superbird was featured on “The Car Show” starring Adam Carolla. Of the three Hemi Cuda Convertibles Julius has had the pleasure of restoring, a white 1971 car, the first one made for the 1971 model year, was featured in Million Dollar Vehicles. Julius was also instrumental in providing the location and preparing the cars for Chrysler’s Venom introduction video. He has also provided cars for various magazines and Chrysler publications which include posters, catalogs and calendars. Within the last two years the highest priced Mopars crossing the auction block have been restored by Julius, such as; the 1971 Hemi Cuda convertible 4 speed sold for 3.5 million dollars. Just the mention of ‘Restored by Julius’ helps increase the value of the car.

He has had the fortune of working on and restoring some of the rarest Mopar Muscle ever made including five other Hemi Cuda convertibles.

He has worked with several celebrities including; Richard Carpenter, Tom Morello, Craig Jackson, Jay Leno, Kenny Wayne Shepard, William Fickner, Hulk Hogan, Sela Ward, Paul Moyer and Jeff Dunham. By the way, check out his appearance as the mechanic in the movie Punch Drunk Love with Adam Sandler. Don’t hold it against him!

About the Work… 

We use only the best parts and materials available from all over the country for each job, whether NOS, new or hand picked quality used parts. Complete restorations are taken down to the unibody, media blasted, then repainted and reassembled. Extensive use of powder coating and plating is used to put all parts back into ‘like new’ condition. Aside from ground-up and partial restorations, we can do all forms of repairs, maintenance, modifications, customizing and various conversions.